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TABLES OF CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Importance of e-Commerce and m-Commerce 3.0 Corporate Appraisal 4.0 Competitive Advantages 5.0 m–Commerce 5.1 Differences of m-Commerce & e-Commerce 6.0 Recommendations 6.1 Benefit of Microsoft Vista and m-Commerce to AirAsia 6.2 Benefit of Microsoft Vista and m-Commerce to Customers 7.0 Conclusions APPENDIX REFERENCES 1.0 Introduction Purcel and Toland (2004, 241) said “Internet and Communication Technology offer the opportunity to reduce the barriers of distance, and give…. countries better access to global economy”. This is where e-Commerce comes into picture which covers electronics trading of goods and services, electronic fund transfer, online procurement, direct…show more content…
Porter argued that the organization can be divided into a series of primary value adding activities and supporting activities. The primary activities include:- Inbound logistic, Operation, Outbound logistic, Marketing and sales, and Services. The support activities include:- Procurement, Technology development, Human resources management, and Firm infrastructure. Porter’s Value Chain will be used as internal scanning to analyze the strength and weakness for AirAsia systematically by analyzing all 9 activities. a) Inbound Logistics AirAsia has placed an order of 175 units Airbus A320 to service its routes (AirAsia Berhad 2007 Annual Report). Airbus A320 is less fuel consumption compared to Boeing 737-300 aircraft. Ultimately Boeing 737-300 to be retired and replace with Airbus A320 to overcome the increase of oil price by structurally reduce cost and enhance customer services with better quality aircraft. AirAsia pursue simplicity in operation by operating a single aircraft fleet. All the aircraft can share to use the same tool, spare parts and same skilled manpower for maintenance and repair purpose; compared to maintaining different aircraft, it may need many different special tool, spare part and required more manpower for different aircraft. This will help to reduce the stock of part maintenance, less training for employee and servicing cost. b) Operation
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