E Commerce And E Business

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Online businesses are those kinds of firms that do not have a physical presence, and their operations are mainly virtually run and controlled. These types of activities are in other words referred to as e-commerce or E-businesses. The management of the businesses, as well as the supervision of the day to day operations of the business, is done virtually. The business does not have physical stores, warehouses or shops. This type of activity utilizes electronic means for the firm transactions as opposed to the traditional brick and mortar setup where the customer and the seller or the service providers did business via face to face interaction.
The online business does not use physical, legal documents or physical cash for the payments of the goods and services but utilizes the electronic money and electronic records as they transact sales. Another name that these types of business setup are known as is the virtual businesses. The customers interact with the seller via web applications or mobile applications as well as phone calls. The physical presence of the buyer and the seller at the point of transacting the business is not considered as crucial information provided the two parties can interact virtually. The internet is the enabler of the electronic commerce because the primary tools used for interaction in this business type is the web-enabled applications and mobile applications that access the internet to provide information to the customer. The online business must…

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