E Commerce And Its Impact On The Music Industry

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Music industry has always been a very competitive and intensive area in retail as well as e-commerce. Additionally, music is considering to be part of creative human’s life, therefore the growth in the music industry has never slow down in terms of business. Talking about E-commerce and benefits of the Internet, there are million ways for people to search for music, such as ITunes, Cd players, mp3 players, YouTube and so on. Spotify created to satisfy the customer need in the fastest and the most convenience way, since the demand of the online music streaming industry is relatively very high. Besides, there are several developments in the industry that change the global perspective which eventually will affect Spotify. Back in time, people usually have to paid for every single songs and albums to listen to the music that they wanted. However, with Spotify, helping people to save extra money by monthly subscription for unlimited amount of music and records. Along with the development of technology devices such as mobile phone, tablets, and music player, allows people to have access into music everywhere and anywhere. Additionally, these devices offer application as a tool for people to keep up with the fast pace music trend. Spotify is known as one of the greatest app that continuously adding new artists, new songs and albums into their libraries to ensure that their customers don’t miss out on anything that’s going on in the industry. Different types of customers enjoy

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