E Commerce And The Electronic Shopping Industry

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This business would be part of the electronic shopping and mail-order houses industry as transactions between this business and consumers would require the use of information technology such as a computer network or through a phone network. The goods purchased would need to be delivered by mail or courier that were retailed through catalogue showrooms on the internet. Our business will specifically be providing groceries through the internet on a website.

Attractive characteristics of the electronic shopping industry:
E-Commerce in Canada is a billion dollar industry
The electronic shopping industry is developing with great interest due to technological advances as business develop new ways to attract and retain consumers on their platforms
E-Commerce is concentrated in electronic shopping and mail-order houses as over three quarters of e-commerce sales

(Retail e-commerce sales by store type in 2012 from Statistic Canada)

In the graph above, it shows that electronic shopping and mail-order houses is dominating the retail e-commerce sales with 40.6% in 2012. Consumers are preferring to establishments that retails multiple products when purchasing goods and services on the internet. This would be fit for our business as we plan to retail different types of groceries and have them transported.

Growth Rate
The growth rate in the electronic shopping industry is growing at a fast pace as businesses research and develop ways to offer products and services that are convenient…
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