E Commerce And The Internet Essay

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The internet, what a wonderful example of connecting two people thousands of kilometres away with only the touch of a button. How extraordinary to think that in the pocket of most people is a device that connects one to unthinkable amounts of data and people only with the touch of a button. Almost all of us use smartphones on a daily basis. Smartphones work best when certain applications that supply different services are used (Basu:2008). Thus, developers saw a gigantic gap in the market of online applications and software sales. People sell different applications and software to different people in different countries throughout the world even though they aren’t physically present in the countries that the sales are made. E-commerce is to use the internet to do business in a better and faster way. E-commerce is defined by an online dictionary as the following: “Commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet”. E-commerce is the term to describe the operations, technology and processing that occur when financial or business transactions are conducted electronically. Internet shopping, the downloading and selling of “soft merchandise” and online business to business transactions are all examples of e-commerce we encounter on a daily basis (Businesstown:2003). Starting in 1996, e-commerce was started as a fragile form of retail, but is expecting to grow to reach 1 percent of total retail sales in South Africa during 2016. Although e-commerce is still in its
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