E Commerce And The Internet

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For this written assignment, I have chosen the topic of e-commerce.

The reason e-commerce interests me is I would like to find out how it relates to business in terms of importance, benefits, and influence. E-commerce is relative to my area of study because the goal for my future company will deal with providing services and content to customers via the internet.

So what exactly does e-commerce mean? Let’s see how Merriam Webster’s online dictionary defines the word:

“e–commerce noun e–com·merce ˈē-ˌkä-(ˌ)mərs
Simple Definition of e–commerce • : activities that relate to the buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet
Full Definition of e–commerce 1. : commerce conducted via the Internet” (e-commerce, n.d.)
Who is primarily involved in e-commerce? About.com e-commerce expert Ajeet Khurana elaborates on this subject for us: “The two most common participants in ecommerce are businesses and consumers.“ (Khurana, 2014). He goes on to say there are four primary types of e-commerce:

1. Business to Business Ecommerce (B2B Ecommerce)
 2. Business to Consumer Ecommerce (B2C Ecommerce)
 3. Consumer to Business Ecommerce (C2B Ecommerce)
 4. Consumer to Consumer Ecommerce (C2C Ecommerce) (Khurana, 2014)

Whoa! Who knew there were this many types of primary e-commerce? As we can see above, B2C e-commerce is probably the most well known of the e-commerce types. Khurana affirms this by saying “When we hear the term ecommerce, most people think of B2C…
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