E Commerce Business At The Golfing Industry, While Being Cost Effective For The Client

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As an intern the following assignment was proposed as a means of establishing an E-Commerce business in the golfing industry, while being cost effective for the client. Project Assignment: Harrison Kirby, the owner of a small golf shop, has asked to have a report provided on moving his golf shop to an e-commerce interface that is user friendly, easy to manage, will provide online sales with payment options, tee-time scheduling with group play, inventory selection of 150 items with in-store pick-up or delivery (Rainer, R. K., Prince, B., & Cegielski, C. G., 2014). Finding the right tools available on the web to meet Mr. Kirby’s needs proved to be quite a challenge; however, the following profiles are the companies that will best suit Mr.…show more content…
The Developer option also integrates a security feature that will keep customer and business information in a secure manner. WordPress and GoDaddy.com offer small businesses the ability to optimize their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as well as social media integration through FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube (WordPress. GoDaddy.com, 2016).  Customer Relationship Management The tool best suited to meet Mr. Kirby’s needs is Zendesk. This CRM database has many features that will integrate with the web host agent as well as offers data security for customer information. The cost of maintenance range from $5 monthly when billed on an annual basis, for minimum service features, while the Enterprise service is $99 monthly when billed on an annual basis. The option best suited for the golf shop is the Professional, which is $59 a month, or $49 monthly when billed on an annual basis. The Professional offers multilingual content, customer surveys, in addition to the services offered in the Essential and Team tier plans available for small business’ (Zendesk, "Customer Relationship Management", 2016).  Logistics The best available option the will work with the web host and sales applications would be FedEx (FedEx, "Small Business Center", 2016). After looking through the small business options FedEx offers its clients, the tools available will allow for ease of shipment, multiple choices

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