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Katrena Smith Dan Curtin Principals of E-Commerce 2 May 2015 Final Project Regular retail stores are almost becoming obsolete today because so many customers are shopping online. Stores that have been apart of our lives for years shutting down operations, some for good and others are only conducting business on the internet. Whatever the case may be more and more people are turning to the internet to fulfill their needs. E-commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry now, when at first some thought it would fade away like most technology when it first started. Consumers are not the only people who do business online either. Big companies use the internet to do business with other companies; this is called business-to-business transactions…show more content…
This site does not use many ways to reach their target audience. The only way that I know of is that they occasionally send out catalogs to potential customers. If you do not know about this company previously you might not even look them up at all. But the catalogs do reach the audience they are trying to attract and that is an older age group. When I visited the site there was one an advertisement for some cookware at the top of the page with an offer for credit where you could pay so much money a month on a purchase with their credit card. The site had lots of information about several products and it was very easy to use. Across the top of the page there were a few tabs that were categorized for different areas of your home like bed & bed, furniture, home store, electronics, health & beauty, outdoor, gift & toys, jeweler, women, men and sales. There was also a tab that helps you apply for their credit cards. When you click on one of these tabs they have tons of items you can buy. You can even click on the picture of one of these items and take a quick view of the items where they give you information on the products and reviews from other customers. The security of the site as through a company called Trust Guard. When you click on the icon labeled Trust Guard it gives you information on how often they scan this company to make sure the connection is secured, which I daily, how long the company has been a member of this security site, and even
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