E-Commerce Critical Analysis

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2.3. Aims and Objectives Given the prevalence of e-Commerce business model and essence of service innovation in marketplace, this study is conducted with the aim to achieving three major objectives. First, the research strives to explain in greater details the important aspects of the service innovation and service dominant logic concepts. This can be achieved through extensive and critical review of current body of knowledge regarding the definition, models and frameworks of service innovation and service dominant logic. Second, after reviewing and choosing the theoretical framework, the research continues to apply such framework into the order fulfilment and outbound logistics under e-Commerce context the a real-world case study of adidas. In other words, the application of service innovation and service dominant logic framework in adias will provide insights into current customer needs for service innovation and how such framework can serve as a…show more content…
Next, a detailed review of three different frameworks for measuring the service innovation capabilities of an organization is presented. Finally, the review focuses on the e-Commerce, its impact on the order fulfilment and outbound logistics and the application of service innovation within this field in order to understand the current knowledge gap in existing research and how this research can bridge such gap.  Methodology: In this section, the paper first presents a theoretical framework used in the research by adapting from three frameworks covered in the previous section. Next, the study demonstrates the use of case study approach in research and explains why such approach is appropriate for the purpose of this research. Finally, a brief description of data sources, collection and analysis together with consideration of ethical issues in research is
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