E Commerce ( Ec ) Adoption And Development And Particularly Internet Retailing

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Internet retailing has received substantial attention in many countries. There has been an increasing relevance for adoption of Internet retailing in the world and for developing countries as well. This study aims to examine about e-commerce (EC) adoption and development and particularly Internet retailing in Indonesia. Some factors affecting the adoption of Internet retailing and the condition of Indonesia’s Internet retailing are discussed in this paper. Furthermore, the findings will examine whether Internet retailing in Indonesia is growing and developing in a fast pace, like in other Asian Countries.

1 Introduction
Internet retailing has been receiving substantial attention in countries as a result of significant growth of EC not only in developed countries, but also developing countries recently. Understanding the adoption of EC is becoming important to improve retailer’s performance in succeeding. However, there are still limited number of studies and research given on the relevance of e-commerce.

This paper is written to address about the adoption of EC by using Indonesia as a case. The aim of the study is to explore about how adoption of e-commerce has developed in Indonesia and explain about the current conditions of e-commerce in the country itself. The findings are gathered through secondary data analysis and review from literatures, statistics and online documents.

Like other developing countries, Indonesia has only dedicated a small percentage of
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