E Commerce Exchanges Conducted Through Marketplaces

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There are many internet based business-to-business (B2B) and e-commerce exchanges conducted through marketplaces. One of these marketplaces is a Maintenance, Repair and Operation Hub that serves many industries in the services of non-production products. This company, known as is a public internet based-product and service applicator who focuses on company’s needs and marketing objectives, such as designing logo’s, business cards and other global company formation. This site helps with the systematic sourcing of operating inputs within the companies that purchase from this site. This type of marketplace gives buyers a wide variety of MRO catalogs from all types of suppliers. In MRO hubs, the operating inputs are shown to be…show more content…
The BizBuyer team also has services in many areas covering the complete business cycle including the business registration services, accounting, media design, hosting, printing, warehousing, shipping and many more. The BizBuyer website is set-up to be a very user-friendly site with an easy access side bar with a directory that lists all of the global services in a column. This list contains every aspect of the services they provide and if a link is chosen is takes them a little deeper into the service that the customer is inquiring about. Each one of these takes you to a generic page for the services and has links where you can look and read on exactly what the service package comes with by selecting a button that states “What You Get”. This shows the customer all of the attributes and extras that may come with that particular service they are researching. For example, a Bank Account services page on BizBuyer states that its additional services along with opening bank accounts online are ATM and Debit/Credit card services and also Internet banking solutions for businesses. Also, the MRO hub website has a page for designing business cards/logo as previously stated. On this page of the site, the customer is able to know what services are available for this sector of the site. For example, how the cards
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