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Chapter 4 1. Name the six main pieces of the e-commerce site building puzzle. * Organizational Capabilities * Hardware Architecture * Software * Telecommunications * Site Design * Human Resources 2. Define the systems development life cycle and discuss the various step involved in creating an e-commerce site. * Methodology for understanding business objectives of a system and designing an appropriate solution 1. Systems analysis/planning 2. Systems design 3. Building the system 4. Testing 5. Implementation 3. Discuss the differences between a simple logical and simple physical Web site design. * Logical design: includes a data flow diagram that describes the flow of…show more content…
What are Java and JavaScript? What role do they play in Website design? * Java is a programming language that allows programmers to create interactivity and active content on the client computer. : Programs written in the Java programming language that also provides interactivity. * JavaScript a program language that is used to control the object on an HTML page and handle interactions with the browser. : used to validate user input, such as an e-mail address 14. Name and describe three methods used to treat customers individually. Why are they significant to e-commerce? * Personalization: the ability to treat people based on personal qualities and prior history with site * Customization: Ability to change the product to better fit the needs of the customer * Cookies can be used to store information about the customer. * Because they are potentially make it nearly a traditional marketplace and even more powerful than direct mail or shopping at a shopping mall. 15. What are some of the policies e-commerce businesses must develop before launching a site, and why must they be developed? * Privacy policy * The accessibility rules * The financial reporting policies. * They must be developed prior to launching because they will govern how
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