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E - Commerce

“E-Commerce", a term so widely and frequently used that it could have various meanings. In our world, E-Commerce has become so widespread that we encounter it in almost every aspect of our lives. Let's take the example of web addresses, open the fridge and you'll see a web address on almost every packaged product. This proves that more and more companies are making it to the web. The Internet has created a new world for them, a world where there is more interaction with customers and many financial benefits for the company.

E-Commerce is not only advantageous for businesses but it has also made the customer's life better and easier. Instead of having the customer go to the store and buy
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4. You will fill out an online order form with the shipping information. To pay, you type in your credit card number, and any other information the merchant requires.

5. Your credit card information encrypted and sent to the merchant.

6. You then receive an on-screen confirmation. Some merchants also send an e-mail confirmation.

(From http://learnthenet.com)

According to http://www.howstuffworks.com, some of the most successful e-business sites are:

· www.amazon.com -- books

· www.dell.com -- computers

· www.cdnow.com -- CDs

· www.travelocity.com -- travel

· www.etoys.com -- toys

· www.peapod.com -- groceries

· www.priceline.com -- a new model made possible by the Internet, here in unused inventory distribution

· www.mp3.com -- a new model made possible by the Internet, here in music distribution

· www.ebay.com --a new model made possible by the Internet, here in on-line auctions

Database Publishing

Around the age of seven I encountered the first of many representations and uses of a database. The database I am referring to is the card catalog still used today in some libraries. I remember how easy it was for me to find a book that I was looking for or interested in looking for. All I had to do was look for the

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