E Commerce Industry : Approach And Strategies Adopted Essay

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Nature of Business:
• With just a few clicks one can order from a wide variety of delicious online cuisines.
• Target audience almost anyone with an android phone.
• Food & e-commerce Industry.
Approach and strategies adopted
1.Email Marketing:
As email marketing is one of the best ways to retarget the customers and they are using it pretty well. With big brands, great discounts & food festivals, they make sure that they always have something new for the customer. They always make sure that a customer’s first experience is something that the customer appreciates and remembers. Retargeting customers with alluring offers like this have been a great strategy and helped them to stay connected.
2.Social Media Marketing: used this campaign as a part of digital marketing strategies to allure the customers
Objectives of this Campaign:
• It was a promotional campaign to increase visibility and sales. To attract customers and to gain their trust.
People need to use the code “IPAD” while placing the order online, and this makes them eligible for the content. The more times you order, increases your chances for winning the iPad. There is no limit on number of entries per person.
Use Social Media to increase sales on the website. By not limiting entries per person, makes users participate multiple times to increase their chances on winning. A good number of people order food online, owing to the restaurant and cuisine options available.
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