E-Commerce Is Bad for People and the Economy

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Have you wasted your money in online shopping? Online shopping, or e-commerce, is buying or selling goods and services on the internet. Electronic commerce is a complex process and it doesn’t provide jobs, quality of products and communication. Electronic commerce is bad for people and the economy. Buying from internet is complex process, because you need experience or knowledge on shopping online. It also need to know what are the security websites that you can shop from them. It is not easy process because it aids credit card and it is hard to have this card, for example if you are teenager may your parents will not allow you to have his card. You also may need post fax to deliver your products and it will take a lot of times, for example two weeks. Buying from internet need internet connection, so if you live in city, town or village where the connection is low you need to go to other place where the connection is high, for example coffee shops. Electronic commerce does not provide jobs for people. In electronic commerce three or four people can work only. You can find robots do all works so no need for people. If we use only electronic commerce to shop and disappear all stores then joblessness will increase because many people can work in one store, "I read with interest this morning an alarmist statement from National Retail Association secretary Gary Black depicting the apocalypse of retail at the hands of electronic commerce, with 50,000 jobs to be

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