E-Commerce Literature Review

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2.0 Literature Review
2.1 Introduction 2.2 Definition of e-commerce
E-business uses the digital technology to optimize the business activities of organization in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operation and gain competitive advantages. E-business provides the solution that allows the organization to instantly share database, information of products and services, financial figures and data and nearly anything else that the organization may need to operate the business activities effectively and efficiently (Nguyen, 2013). E-commerce which is the abbreviation of electronic commerce is the subset of e-business. It focuses on the online transaction which includes selling of products or service by using computer network, primarily the Internet.
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Many organizations industriously look for the opportunity to gain the competitive advantages in their industries. One of the opportunities that frequently used by the organization is the implementation of e-commerce. Thus, the e-commerce and the online sale transaction become popular in each industry. E-commerce provides many benefits, such as the saving of shopping time, the cost savings, convenience, and free from geographical constraints.
The continuous development of Internet leads to the growth of e-commerce. The electronic commerce is growing constantly due to the continuously increasing number of mobile and online users in the market, primarily the emerging markets. Besides that, the development of the Information Technology (IT), such as the advance of paying processes and the improvements of shipping method also the main reason to cause the growth of electronic commerce (John Ingham, 2015). Most consumers accept e-commerce as their feasible alternative in the purchase of goods and
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