E Commerce Marketing And Traditional Marketing

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E-commerce marketing is complex and can be considered more complex than traditional marketing. From market segmentation to tracking consumers by placing tracking software on their electronic devices E-commerce marketing knows consumers better than any past traditional marketing efforts. Advertising on the Internet has is starting to outpace some traditional forms of advertising such as radio, newspapers, and local television says Schneider (2013), p. 190. With the widespread use of mobile devices, tablets, desktop computers and laptops consumers are more consistently connected to these devices than their televisions and cable devices. This would speak to the dramatic increase in Internet advertising since 1995. “Spending on online advertising grew rapidly in the early days of the Web. The amount spent in the United States went from virtually zero in 1995 to about $ 8 billion in 2000. The Internet slump of 2001-2002 did result in a drop to about $6 billion, but since then, the growth was remarkable through the 2008-2009 recessions. After a small drop in 2009, growth has resumed and is expected to continue” (Schneider, 2013, p. 189). Schneider, 2013 also shows graphically that by the year 2015 Internet advertising sales could surpass $35 billion.
With a solid revenue model and solid understanding of the market and potential customers creating an e-commerce marketing strategy is possible. “Most companies use the term marketing mix to describe the combination of
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