E Commerce Of Goods, Services Or Information Between Different Companies

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2.2 B2B- and B2C-Business

"B2B also covers e-commerce of goods, services or information between different companies. Therefore, the Business to Business Marketing a very large part of e-business. Commodity exchanges or wholesale deals can be referred to on the Internet as B2B platforms. In addition to trade in goods and their logistics, warehousing and distribution are also part of this business. Overall, these business relations can be held between manufacturers, suppliers, logistics and distribution companies. Companies that are knowledgeable about this marketing, get a cost advantage as for example the cost of purchase can be saved. Even staff and warehousing can be reduced through the electronic communication channels. Many of these websites are protected with password fields as the deals are communicated more in the course of trade between the businesses. "
"The abbreviation B2C stands for business-to-consumer, a business relationship between a company and a private individual as a consumer. The term refers not only to the commercial relationship, but also the communication between the parties. (...) What is special about this relationship is that the goods and services are sold to the consumer directly from the producer or service provider. The process refers primarily to e- or m-commerce, including mobile commerce for consumers. "

2.3 Strategic objective of United Parcel Service

UPS is a company that can claim to be one of the biggest and most successful…
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