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Unit 2 : Management In IT UNIT CODE: J/601/0462
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Employee must ensure that the manager understand their obligations and comply Human Rights Legislation has the most impact on HR decision , it protects employee from harassment both at workplace and sexual. (www.enotes.c

The Stage of Staff Recruitment policy for Tesco is based on the flowing procedures:

Advertisment OF Job
Planning in the HR department in which department we need staff
Design a job description stating roles and responsibilities
Qualifications of the employee, the department need to appoint the right person with the right qualification
Current employees looking for promotion.
Tesco advertises the post internally on its intranet for two weeks
For external recruitment
Tesco advertises vacancies via the Tesco website.
Vacancy boards in stores
Applications are made online for managerial positions
Approach stores with their CV or register though Jobcentre
Finding candidate.
Tesco has internal recruitment and External recruitment. This helps them to find the right standard of applicants for apply for vacancies. And the process application depending on the job avaible. Internal recruitment involves looking for employees who is looking for move ether same level or promotion. For External recruitment Tesco advertise for job in different way. You can apply on Tesco website or through vacancy boards in stores. You can also make applicant on online. Most of the people who is interested in store-based job can approach Tesco
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