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1. Explain how Apple achieved business success through the use of information, information technology, and people.
Answer - At to begin with, Steve Jobs was pestered that he had missed the MP3 fleeting trend. Occupations was stuck on creating feature altering programming and was ignorant to the MP3experience. Employments took the MP3 sensation data and specialty an arrangement on how Apple could enter the MP3 market. Occupations' methodology started by bringing by and large the right individuals to embrace the iPod undertaking including Jeff Robbin from Sound Step and his MP3 programming, an iPod improvement bunch, and an iTunes advancement bunch. Bringing aggregately the right individuals, with the right data, and utilization of
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What apple can do is hear possibly what the customers want in technology or even possibly a design for a specific gadget. what could bring up revenues is possibly creating new colors for an iphone or ipad. Some customers really care about the look of their phones just like the technology in it. apple has already done that with the ipod but give the iphone and ipad a consideration in changing colors instead of buying different color cases for the phone to attract the eyes of the customers.
Apple should definitely invest resources to build a supply chain management system. There are four main components to the supply chain system which are strategy, partners, operation and logistics. The strategy manages all the resources required to meet customer demands. The idea of possibly bringing in new colors to the phones and computers could be a possible strategy. Apple can use the partners component to determine the finished products and price. The operations can help schedule the production activities and help measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the company. Logistics would help process orders and make apple a more structured and productive company by using supply chain management.

4. Using Porter’s Five Force Model, analyze Apple’s buyer power and supplier power.
Answer- The five forces determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of a market. Attractiveness in this context refers to the overall industry

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