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Chapter 1 Review question # 1, # 4 Exercise # 1 Review question # 1 briefly describes the technologies that are leading businesses into the third wave of electronic commerce. The technologies that are leading the business in the third wave of e-commerce are smart phone (mobile commerce), tablet computers, radio frequency identification (RFI) devices and smart card and the social commerce. Today’s mobile phones are not limited to sending and receiving e-mails. Smart phone has software (apps) that can do many activities and transactions over the internet. Smart phones includes a keyboard, operating system and a web browser, it’s basically a mini computer. Most internet provider or carrier offers different plans for data usage for a…show more content…
-- Electronic Commerce 10th edition In electronic commerce, the law of diminishing return does not apply in networks. In networks the more participants the value of the network to each participant increases. Value added network is used by people and organization for routing, storing, message transcription and delivering secured electronic data. The main function of value added network is to provide connection of virtual company with their trading partners or strategic alliances. Through this connection company bring different skill set, resources, and strategies by shaping long term and stable relationship with other companies with the same objectives in achieving effective and efficient market place. Exercise # 1 Companies that sell luxury goods, such as Channel, Lilly Pulitzer, and Vera Wang were reluctant to offer their products for sale on their websites for many years. These businesses preferred to use their websites to display information about their product through exclusive retail stores. Summarize the reasons these luxury goods producers might have been hesitant to sell on line and speculate why they might have changed their mind. The reasons why companies that sell luxury goods were reluctant to offer their products for sale on their websites for many years are: During the first wave of e-commerce the internet technologies especially in B2C were slow, and most consumers were connected using dial-

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