E-Commerce: Pros and Cons of Taking the Clothing Store Online

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Introduction It is important to note that in the recent past, technology (and most particularly the Internet) has effectively changed the way people conduct business. Today, most businesses have come to the realization that to remain relevant in a highly competitive marketplace; they must fully exploit the opportunities presented by both technology and the Internet. In this text, I discuss a number of issues arising out of my resolve to engage in e-Commerce as the owner of a small clothing store along the Jersey Shore boardwalk. Pros and Cons of Taking the Clothing Store Online According to Schniederjans & Cao (2002), "e-Commerce is the exchange transactions which take place over the Internet primarily using digital technology." Basically, e-Commerce has in the recent past benefited greatly from recent developments in technology including the establishments of powerful online tools and enhanced Internet connectivity. Though many companies continue to reap the benefits of adopting e-Commerce, the same has occasioned some challenges for other businesses. With an insistence on my business' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats; e-Commerce could end up having either a negative or positive impact on my business. Strengths To begin with, when it comes to strengths, my clothing store concentrates on making quality trendy products. We ensure that all the products we produce for clients are durable and well made. By taking the business online, we shall be

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