E-Commerce Security Issues

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E-Commerce Security Issues "The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village." (From The Medium is the Message) Historical Glimpse Marshall McLuhan was the first person to popularize the concept of a global village, and to predict its social effects. His insights fundamentally changed how everyone has thought about media, technology, and communications ever since. He chose the phrase "global village" to highlight his insight that an electronic nervous system was rapidly integrating the planet, so that events in one part of the world could be experienced in real-time from other parts, which is what human experience was like when we lived in small villages. Since he describes the world global village, the world is starts emerging over one point (Internet) and it is quite true yet. (http://livinginternet.com/?i/ii_mcluhan.htm) Introduction In almost all aspects of life we are facing security issues, either if we are talking about literal world or talking about cyber world. Since this world is originated and men started earning, financial and commerce security issues are always been there. After the invent of the Internet our world is now become global village, through Internet we can communicate easily, effectively, and rapidly with low cost. The Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) is the other vital use of Internet, through this companies are doing business of billions of dollars in the year, and corporations are expecting more and more
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