E-Commerce Security Issues

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[pic] INTERNAL ASSIGNMENT Name of the candidate: ISHA Enrollment no. : 01215903911 Course: MBA Batch: 2011-13 Subject: E-business Subject code: MS-114 Topic of assignment: Is security a real or perceptual problem in Web commerce. Subject Teacher’s name: Ms. Sneha Chopra ABSTRACT This project report contains the study of “is security a real or perceptual problem in web commerce”. The content includes the security related issues being faced by the companies or organizations in their business through e-commerce. The tools being available in market to cope with such issues…show more content…
There are a number of critical social and organizational issues with security. The first is that the weak link in security is often users or employees, rather than the technology. The second is software engineering management, or managing how security technology is deployed. The third is the development of adequate organizational processes for risk management, separation of duties, and development of security policies, access control, and security assurance. Advantages of E-commerce Lower Cost Doing e-business is cost effective; it reduces logistical problems and provides a small business with competitive advantage with giants such as Amazon.com or General Motors. E commerce helps in reducing cost of business as it enables to get access to large population. Economy It helps in development of economy. It provides the business an international platform to do transactions and get a competitive advantage in the economy and increase the productivity. Higher Margins E-business along with higher margins helps in gaining more control and flexibility and enables to save time when manual transactions are done electronically. Better Customer Service E–commerce means better and quicker customer service. Online customer service makes customers happier. Instead of calling your company on the phone, the web merchant gives customers direct to their personal account online.
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