E-Commerce Servers and Their Associated Components

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1) (This is a report so it may be a little longer and have more cites, be sure to credit all sources of information) Select a topic related to E-commerce technology, covered in Chapter 3 or 4 of the text, which you want to learn more about. Find at least two web resources that give you some information on that topic. Post links to those sites and give summaries of the new information you learned. Include some discussion as to why you chose this area and what more you would like to know. Discussion should continue on these topics throughout the week. The goal is for us all to reach some level of understanding regarding the topic you have selected. Please add 1 cite from the text book e-Commerce servers and their associated components including catalog management, pricing, product configuration and shopping workflows have the potential to change the business models of the smallest to the largest business. The increasing reliance on a single system of record for all e-commerce transactions, captured as part of an e-commerce server architecture, is now the direction many enterprise are taking in their design and integration of their e-commerce platforms (Capozzoli, True, 2001). In assessing current research in the area of e-commerce platforms, the role of integration strategies and their effect on the maturation of the entire e-commerce is readily apparent. The text indicates how pervasive the adoption of Web Services are for example in integrating diverse systems and

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