E Commerce : The New World Of Mass Production

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Nowadays, there are thousand of thousand retailers shops around the world, which would like to use Internet futures and mobile applications to having more customers from different part of the world. Having online business or using any kind of IT applications to run a business on the Internet means E-commerce. This kind of business can include money transaction between suppliers and users or providing any sort of services to users. The advantages E-commerce are no papers using and it is totally green environment and most of the activities happening by e-mail, fax, and online payment. Moreover, not only suppliers are happy because of less cost of operation but also users are satisfy as well because e-commerce concept is base on using Internet to do business better and faster. In addition, online shopping allows customers to serving themselves. Joe Pine in his book Mass Customization argues that “companies need to shift from the old world of mass production where “standardized products, homogeneous markets, and long product life and development cycles were the rule” to the new world where “variety and customization supplant standardized products.” (Pine, 1993). In this report we will discuss about Innovative IT applications in e-commerce and some examples from real businesses which using those new applications to make a good and strong relationship between loyal customers and business.

Why IT application?
Suppliers and users are the main core of each…
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