E-Commerce Transaction Transforming Framework

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E-commerce Transaction Transforming Framework (ETTF) will give distinctive easy to use interfaces for the clients and staff since their needs to get to the framework is diverse. The framework stays informed regarding all the transactions made on the record. The computerized charging framework produces month to month explanations for each one record and keeps record of the installments and equalization levy on the record. For staying informed regarding all the client administration demands and points of interest of the 4 move made, the framework gives a novel client administration number to every client. The social database that secures all these information might be gotten to by the managerial staff and the client administration agents through structure based interfaces. The Robotization of Online transaction handling includes 5 modules to be dealt with. They are 1) Recognizable proof 2) Capability 3) Assignment 4) EMI 5) Catch up and conclusion Suspicions that are included in the online transaction handling framework and issues general guidelines, security governs, and contracts of the installment passages organizations must be taken after actualizing every single interface. In the case that Open bravo POS peruses the Visa data, the card numbers and other installment data should not be put away for all time in the database. After a transaction has been acknowledged or rejected all the installment data must be erased; just the transaction ID must be put away. In the
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