E Commerce Within A Business

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E-Commerce within a Business
E-commerce within a business refers to the commercial transactions of products or services which occur electronically over the internet, by implementing e-commerce into a business such as ‘iGadget’ will provide both advantages and disadvantages, however the majority of the disadvantages can be fixed over time and the progression of the ‘iGadget’ itself.
• 24/7 opening
24/7 opening is a strong advantage for a business as it allows for the sales of products and services to occur at any time and place. By allowing the sales of the products and services to occurring 24/7 it allows for an organisation to make sales without needing to be live and therefore allowing for more sales to be made in a shorted period of time. For a company such as ‘iGadget’ 24/7 opening would be beneficial as it would allow for the company to make a higher amount of sales per day and also help the company’s progression through sales.
• Global business opportunities
The Global business opportunities are found within E-commerce through the fact that through E-commerce the business or organisation can be reached all over the world where internet access is available. E-commerce allows ultimately allows for an entrance into the global marketplace which, in turn, allows for a wider amount of customers worldwide and therefore creates a better customer base for the business or organisation as well as helps to promote the business on a wider scale. In regards to ‘IGadget’
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