Essay on E-Commerce and Cyber Attacks

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E-commerce security threats and technology solution dimensions consist of integrity, authenticity, confidentiality, privacy, availability, etc. (Laudon & Traver, 2012, p.268). The internet can serve as a very useful tool or it can be a tool manipulated to perform unethical actions. Its function as tool all depends on what the user and what they intend to do with the information they download, view or share. Many analysts trace the increase in the number of issues faced by consumers today to the internet. Internet access has transitioned from a luxury to a common household utility. This shift in demand makes it increasingly easy for criminals such as hackers to gain access to a larger pool of information. This growing pool of…show more content…
During the execution of these functions, some users are intentionally deceived with messages that alert them that an error or problem has occurred with their computer. These messages are deceptive in their attempt to disguise what is actually taking place. Behind the scene, a program is executing and installing software that is intended to track the user’s activity or give criminals full access to their business or personal information and sometimes both. If this type of incident occurred on a local level, its impact could be minimal, but the internet provides a non-stop global platform with an unlimited number of victims. In addition, this type of criminal activity provides a model for other criminals to enhance and distribute their own versions of this software which causes an even larger epidemic. In order to test the functionality and validity of these types of software, it must first be tested. This process of validation requires that the software be tested by deceiving an unknowing victim who has little or no in depth experience with using the internet. These types of programs are embedded in websites that the user expresses interest in reading more information about or pictures that are displayed in search results. There is no way that the founders of the internet could have known that in time, users would have to reach a particular level of maturity with using the
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