E-Commerce and the Global Market

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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) over the Internet is the fastest growing method for consumers to conduct business. Less than ten years old and it already has radically altered the potential to economic activities and the social environment. There are nearly 200 million Internet users worldwide currently. Of these 200 million users, roughly 40 percent reside in the United States (Styliano, A., Robbins, S. & Jackson, P., 2003). E-commerce currently affects large sectors such as communications, banking and the retail industry. E-commerce has also had an effect on the education, health and government (Wyckoff, A., & Colecchia A., 1999). It is predicted that commerce on the Internet could total tens of billions of dollars by the turn of the …show more content…
There have been some negative effects on the economy due to the emergence of e-commerce. It is assumed that the availability of goods online should increase competition but this does not always occur. Reputable companies who have majority control over their industry can sometimes maintain high prices. Further, the Internet allows companies to obtain pricing information from their competitors companies easily and allows them to react immediately to external changes. Company monitoring can also work against consumers. Since other companies can quickly change their price, the original company would not make any extra revenue from increased sales (LaRose, R.,2000). There is also the issue of product differentiation. Increased competition due to ecommerce allows companies to better create products especially for a certain target audience. This makes it difficult for consumers to compare products and lessens the competition and keep prices high.
As electronic commerce expands it has a greater social impact. The social impact of e-commerce is characterized by the globalization of markets, the shift towards an economy based on knowledge and information, and the growing prominence of technology in everyday life (Jones, B., n.d.). As e-commerce expands, there becomes a greater need to improve education about the business and technical side of e-commerce. Traditional educational institutions will have to
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