E. D And The United States

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With no other option, L and I agreed, quickly as to not spend much time being awkward near each other, that we needed to switch hotels once more. It wasn 't safe if Kira and the second Kira were working together. If there was anything we could do to get them off our tail, then we 'd do it. Even though we were both very fond of that suite. We decided to check the tapes sent by the second Kira one more time. I knew there had been no fingerprints on the tapes, but forensics had found hairs, fibers, and other small pieces in the packing tape used to seal the envelopes. When we ran them for a DNA test, there hadn 't been anyone in the system. She was a first time offender, and that meant she 'd be harder to look for. We sat together at a table, inspecting the evidence bags closer. L said what was inside the bags as he picked them up and then handed them to me, "Hair.... Snack crumbs.... Hair.... Mr. Yagami, if I die within the next few days, your son is Kira. Hm, another hair...." Having already talked about this previously, I sighed, "Way to approach the subject gently, Ryuzaki." I put down the bag with the hair and crossed my arms, preparing for the questions. "What did you just say, Ryuzaki?" Yagami demanded as he stood. Matsuda gasped, "Exactly what are you talking about?" "If anything happens to me, I 've asked Watari to make himself available to you, as will Hikari since she will be the next L, so I 'm counting on the team." "Ryuzaki, you said he was
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