E-Health Applications Strategic Decision

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E-Health Applications Strategic Decision Patient care applications World population is growing at an extremely alarming pace. The challenge of disease facing world nations has likewise expanded. The world faces a host of dangerous diseases and challenges like HIV & AIDS, TB, high maternal and child mortality, injuries and violence (Rycroft-Malone & Bucknall, 2011). Such challenges have called for modern e-health application strategies to achieve four utmost objectives: (i) Increasing life expectancy (ii) Reducing maternal and child death (iii) Combating HIV and AIDS and the burdens presented by tuberculosis and related ailments. (iv) Strengthening the effectiveness of the health system E-health can be viewed as an investment in technological advances like ICT in healthcare to secure patient benefits over costs. The complexity of this requires that e-health decisions and opportunities be distinguished priorities established, and achievable plans advanced for constraints such as affordability and time to be matched. This includes embracing effective strategies characterized by rigorous and comprehensive information standards guaranteeing enduring sustainability. Effective e-health requires leaders to have appropriate groups set up and to identify clinical, executive, and political leaders who can construct suitable chances and power these within a suitable legislation structure (Ginter, Duncan & Swayne, 2013). Lower Costs, Faster treatment, Doctors with access to
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