E Health Records : The Healthcare And Its Ancillary Industries

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INTRODUCTION: With the millennial being extremely health conscious, it has given impetus to the healthcare and its ancillary industries. Combing this consciousness with technology gives invention to new products lines like wearable wellness products. With the Pentagon investing in e-health records the government is giving a clear indication that it wants to provide better health services. E-health records will help reduce the cost of health care as you can email your doctor your medical records. Obama Care Act has started to change the industry from between the hospitals and insurance companies to now being between hospitals and consumers. With expansion of new covered patients, the number of new patients is expected to rise. Hospitals are expected to cut the prices charged for their services and increase the number of patients. INDUSTRY OVERVIEW The success for any Hospital and residential care facility is directly related to its nursing staff. How patients are looked after by the nurses affects their health, recovery and safety. With the increasing number of Americans in the age category of 60 and above the demand for nurses is only increasing. As per SHRM1 nursing is one of the toughest jobs and nearly 1/3rd of the new jobs will be in this industry with growth rate of 19% up till 2022, moreover approximately 525000 baby boomers will have to be replaced due to retirement. There was a study2 published in the American Journal of Medical quality stating that there will
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