E L I Analysis

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'E L I' is a Brief Examination of an Unexamined Life

E L I provides a brief glimpse into the life of a transgender man, and what his life has been like since he started transitioning.

In recent times, as society at large has become (arguably) more accepting of those in the LGBT+ community, we've begun to see an increase in queer representation in the media. However, for many who are not in the LGBT+ community, that one gay character in their favorite sit-com may be their only exposure to LGBT+ people, allowing the community at large to exist as an abstraction in their mind, in that while they know LGBT+ people exist, they may not personally know any LGBT+ people or have any insight into what it's like to be queer in modern society. E L I seeks to change that, by providing a first person account of a transgender man's transition and his life.
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The film is narrated by Elijah, the film's subject, but it doesn't feel as if his narration is being guided by an interviewer whose questions have been edited out so much as an interviewer who simply told him to tell his story, allowing him to focus on the parts of his story that he felt were the most important to tell. This freedom within the narration serves to make Elijah's story more personable, in that it showed that Elijah is a real person, not just some interview subject who doesn't have a life outside of this film. By talking about his interest in skating and his work, Elijah reminds the audience being transgender isn't the only or even necessarily the most important part of his life. It is a part of his life in the same way his hobbies and job
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