E Learning Is A Hot Topic On Education

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E-learning is a hot topic in education. The use of devices and the internet changes what we see in a classroom. No longer is a teacher standing in front of a room instructing and then giving a worksheet as homework. Instead, we now have teachers assisting students to increase their knowledge by using a device and the internet. This literature review defines the term E-learning and gives examples of what E-learning may look like in an elementary classroom. It also examines the advantages and disadvantages to using technology in an elementary classroom. Finally, this literature review gives the role of the teacher in an evolving E-learning classroom. Research Questions of the Literature Review The literature review will address the following questions: 1. What are the definitions and examples of E-learning? 2. What are the advantages of E-learning? 3. What are the disadvantages of E-learning? 4. What is the role of the teacher in E-learning? Literature Review What are the definitions and examples of E-learning? E-learning can be defined in several ways. According to Oxford Dictionary, (n.d.) E-learning is any learning that is through electronic media using the internet. Webopedia (n.d.) states E-learning is learning using technology to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. E-learning is the movement of knowledge using electronic applications and processes to learn. According to Tastle, White, and Shackleton
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