E Learning Is More Attractive For Students Essay

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The ‘E’ in E-Learning stands for electronic. In other words, a computer or computer network is used, along with information technology, to achieve forms of learning not previously possible. The technology of E-Learning is new and attractive approach for both student and instructor in university and it has taken the place of traditional face to face education environment, there is great growth of web-based learning media. E-Learning is more attractive for students who are on job and want to continue their education. The flexible nature of E-Learning environment increase learner satisfaction.[1] Quality is most often defined as “fitness for purpose “that is related to the needs of the user or that the products comply with defined requirements. Software Quality is capability of Software product to satisfy stated and implied needs when used under specified conditions (ISO/IEC 25010:2011). Usually, software quality is assessed by means of quality models. Here are two major camps when discussing the meaning and definition of (software) quality:
1) Conformance to specification:
Quality that is defined as a matter of products and services whose measurable characteristics satisfy a fixed specification that is, conformance to an in beforehand defined specification.
2) Meeting customer needs:
Quality that is identified independent of any measurable characteristics. That is, quality is defined as the products or services capability to meet customer expectations.[2]

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