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E-Learning…Online learning…web-based training …these are all essentially the same thing: learning delivered via some type of electronic device. You may have completed an e-learning course yourself. It may have been designed to introduce a concept or facts; or to teach a new skill, process, or procedure. It may have been text based with some type of assessment, or it could have been a simulation or a game. It could have been delivered asynchronously (self-paced) or synchronously (in real time with an instructor or facilitator). In any case, it included some form of media (text, graphics, video, narration) and had some common design features.
In general, some features of e-learning include the following.
• Learning can be self-paced and user-controlled
• Interactive and engaging, using multimedia, simulations, games, etc.
• Provides immediate feedback
• Adaptive – can branch based on user responses
• Provides multiple types of media: text, audio, video, images, and illustrations
• Motivating
• High learning retention

Business needs
But despite the many benefits of e-learning, it may not always be the right choice for your specific business needs and goals. Evaluating your business goals should occur before you begin developing your training materials.
In terms of business goals, e-Learning has advantages and disadvantages.
• Cost effective – with most e-learning authoring tools, online courses can be created quickly and inexpensively. In addition, businesses can
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