E Learning, Or Electronic Learning

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LIS Education through E-Learning M.Thamaraiselvi & M.Manthiramoorthi Librarian & information Assistant Anna Centenary Library Chennai – 25 Mthamaraiselvi.acl@gmail.com mmanthira@gmail.com Introduction E-learning, or electronic learning, has been defined a number of different ways in the literature. The American Society for Trainers and Development (ASTD) defines e-learning as “instructional content or learning experiences delivered or enabled by electronic technology. “Electronic technology encompasses everything from Computer-Based Training (CBT), to compact disks (Cds), to web-based applications. However, e-learning has increasingly come to mean “Web-enabled material deployed using the net.” In general, e-learning is the expression broadly used to describe “instructional content or learning experience delivered or enabled by electronic technologies” (Ong, Lai and Wang, 2004). Some definitions of e-learning are more restrictive than this one, for example limiting e-learning to content delivery via the internet (Jones, 2003). The broader definition, which will be used for the purposes of this article, can include the use of the internet, intranets/extranets, audio-video tape, satellite broadcast, interactive TV and CD-ROM, not only for content delivery, but also for interaction among participants. More recently, this definition can be further expanded to include mobile and wireless learning applications (Kinshuk, Suhonen, Sutinen, and Goh, 2003). The e-learning
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