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INTRODUCTION: “IN the global dimensions it is mentioned that the fish and fish products sectors is facing a certain crisis in their primary resource in which the fish stock is collapsing” (UNEP, 2009, p.14). According to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the reason of concern for sea food is due to increase in number of overexploited, depleted and recovering stocks (FAO, 2010). The complex causes of wild fish stocks crisis include: overfishing, managing poor fishing, unsustainable fishing practices, and illegal (UNEP, 2009).The demand increased in fishing has exacerbating these issues. Worldwide per capita consumption of marine fishes has almost doubled since the 1960s as like world’s population (Jacquet et al.,…show more content…
The major problem faced by the global firms is needed to develop trusting relationship with consumers. The large global firms are distrusted by the consumers motivated by profits. Usually all global firms has mostly depends on the brand names in which they spend lot of money in advertising. Comparing to larger firms usually smaller firms have better ability to develop a more personal relationship. The major problems faced by global firms are social and environmental issues they create. For example, at the far corners of the world shipping of sea food is done which mostly requires the refrigeration and numerous amount of packaging elaborate Opening spaces through Delocalization. The glimpse of various sea food buyers offers challenges that are related to commitments implementing to sustainable seafood. The two major challenges that are interrelated in sea food rose with the lack of customer engagement and in control& verification they lacks in confidence. In fact, the challenges faced by the Wal-Mart sea food can be viewed as a feedback loop likely rooted in the customer orientation. The contextual factors of sea food are also affected by challenges mentioned commonly in the global firms. Most of the retailers are being specified to attain sustainability growth in various aspects. The production cost that has being associated with sustainable innovations that may not pay a way for all end
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