E Mail Information : A Compromise Of Device And Password, Installed Certificates, Banking Information

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Risks :-
a. Credential Information: User credentials like username and Password, installed certificates, banking information, web accounts, and E-mail accounts can be accessible if the device is compromised or if it lost/stolen.
b. Confidential Business Data: Confidential Business Data like Email, documents, Reports, files, Application etc. is at risk if unauthorized access of the device takes place due to device compromised.
c. Phone and Data Services: There lies risk to eavesdropping on call or sniffing of packets, the device can get unauthorized access and device can be rooted or jail broken.
d. The Device Itself: The device being highly portable, there lies a risk of getting it lost or stolen very easily.

Threats : -
a. Malware:
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public, private, protected and define users and end user policy [9].
b. Registry and inventory of mobile devices: All new mobile devices will go through a thorough procurement process registering details i.e. Model, Serial Number, Operating System, Device Id, Applications installed. Redistribution of the mobile devices – To secure the organization’s data on a mobile device, the data is deleted by the admin when the user is no longer employee at organization. The device permanently deletes the data i.e. Deletion of only business data from the device that includes: Emails, Calendar entries, SMS, Memos, Contacts and Accounts, Browser cache, Accessed and Downloaded Files, Application and App data, Sensitive and Credential Information
c. Testing of applications to be installed on the devices: The applications will be installed onto the device after a proper testing procedure; the given testing’s required i.e. Check for trusted certificates embedded in the application and its expiry, Threats to the application are identified, Vulnerability assessment is done, Calculate risk by risk metric framework and Determine if risks can be mitigated through the use of controls.
d. Efficiently installing and configuring security settings on the devices according to user profiles.
e. Updating security settings, policies and patches: Update the patch release of application, configuration settings of the device and policies by pushing it onto the device from time to time according to

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