E Mails From Your Boss And A Man Named Paul Allen

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Today, more than ever we rely on computers and staying connected. We use them at work, school and for entertainment. E-mails from your boss, write a paper for school, or play the latest games. In fact, even the most technologically illiterate person can run a personal computer. This was not the case in the early days of Microsoft, IBM, Apple and other technological innovators.
In 1975 Bill Gates and a man named Paul Allen had the idea to form a small partnership they called “Microsoft” with the idea to put a personal computer in every home in America. Computers up until this time were massive, requiring more space and power than the average house could handle, which made this seem like a pipe dream at best. Gates and Allen had been hard at work for the past five years when they were approached by a company known as IMB. IMB wanted Microsoft to assist in a project with the aim of bridging the gap which existed between hardware and software at that time. It was a match made in heaven and the operating system, named MS-DOS, became the foundation for Microsoft Windows. IMB shipped out the first PC with MS-DOS in 1981 with mixed reviews. While MS-DOS allowed many to interact with a computer for the first time and changed the way work was done, it was also considered difficult and confusing.
In 1982, Gates and Allen began working on the new version of their operating system and announced the project they called Windows 1.0 in 1983. Windows 1.0 was not released until 1985 however…

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