E Manufacturing Group, An Electrical Appliance Company

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4.1 Introduction This chapter summarizes the study carried out in E Manufacturing group, an electrical appliance company in China. It starts with a brief introduction of the group’s background information and an overview of the recent development of China. This study then proceeds to discuss the implementation of BSC in the case E Manufacturing. Next, it explores the gap of how the BSC differ from the expectation with the actual practices. Last but not the least, this study highlights the theoretical and practical challenges of using the BSC as a PMS. 4.2 The case company E manufacturing group 4.2.1 Company background description The case study E Manufacturing group was founded in 1984 with its headquarter in China and regional…show more content…
The development of E Manufacturing can be divided into five major phases. First is the brand-building phase (1984-1991). By only focusing on refrigerators, the group had transformed its small factory into the number one refrigerator brand in China. Second is diversification development phase (1991-1998). In this phase, the group had successfully restructured from a single-product company to a manufacturer with multiple product lines including both white and brown goods. Moreover, E Manufacturing had adopted consumer-responsive innovation for particular customer needs. Immediately followed by the third phase of global brand building (1998 -2012) to deepen its market penetration. Foreign sales channels were launched by the group for entering into international mainstream markets where it aims to integrate global resources to build a local brand in each geographic area worldwide. At the beginning of 2013, E Manufacturing being inspired by the latest wave of Internet-based companies is now undergoing the fifth phase-networking strategy stage. The reinvention of the group as an Internet-based company in a way that few other companies have attempted, let alone realized (Company’s website). E Manufacturing’s ambitious technological internationalization strategy together with an intensive diversification and foreign market strategy played an instrumental role in the progress to the leading position today. The company had exerted every effort to
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