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Cover Page Table of Contents Introduction On-Demand is a digital printer located at Port Melbourne, established in 1988 and is one of the biggest digital printer in Australia. The company provides customers with different printing solutions, from black & white to large format print jobs, to security printing for confidential documents. On-Demand also offer campaign design, e-marketing and inventory and warehouse management towards the market. The company aims to satisfy the customers with fast and high quality services. On-Demand currently operates in a 3000 Sqm warehouse located at Port Melbourne, the company operates in a business-to-business model, producing towards the large number of orders sent by Snapfish. Through their business…show more content…
One of On-Demand’s weakness would be the lack of interaction between the business and its customers. It limits On-Demand to interact and gain beneficial information about its customers. The opportunities of On-Demand would be to interact with its customers and be able to attract similar consumer bases. Product offering of On-Demand is also one of its biggest advantages, with the variety of products and complete campaign design service, this could make the customers be interested by the benefits the products can provide. On-Demand’s producing confidence is also considered very strong, with the company’s assets, the company is able to produce rapidly to suit the solution designs. On-Demand’s weakness are also very obvious, the company clearly lacks interaction towards the generation C, the business has very little reflection of their service from the customers. Another weakness would be the business mode On-Demand adapted, business-to-business mode would means On-Demand will have troubles finding individual customers without Snapfish. On-Demand does have online presence, the On-Demand website (www.on-demand.com.au) and also a Facebook page. However, the Facebook page is very outdated and lacking interaction between the business and the customers. The company website is very close ended in its online presence, there are brief description on the company, but it’s very unattractive as it is pretty
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