E-Marketing Case Study: Walmart, Target, and Kmart

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The comparison has been made on the basis of their website interface, ease of ordering, return policy, shipping charges and follow-up after sales, costs of products and services, and strategies to attract customers. The comparison of marketing functions has been done by analyzing their marketing mix strategies, customer relationship management, and supply chain management activities. A number of recommendations have been proposed to Wal-Mart in the light of above analysis and comparison.
Executive Summary
In order to compete in the presence of a stiff competition and a challenging business environment, organizations need to focus on each and every aspect of their marketing activities. They have to institute systems and processes which can facilitate customers in every possible way and make their shopping experience enjoyable and convenient. Wal-Mart is the world's leading retail corporation having operations in 27 countries. Its top industry competitors are Target Corporation and Kmart in the United States market. All these retail corporations are making every effort to gain and maintain the highest market share by attracting a large number of potential customers through different marketing strategies. In order to beat their competition and build strong customer loyalty, they are…

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