E-Marketing Plan for a Wine Company in Australia

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E-marketing plan for wine company in Australia
The corporate objective The company sets out to become one of the most reputable and trustworthy wine sellers. Our objective is to become the preferred choice of customers seeking to purchase wine in a fast and convenient manner.
In order to increase the satisfaction of our customers, we seek to make our wide range of products available in a multitude of manners, including online sales through our own website, though intermediaries, such as virtual supermarkets, but also through the telephone. All in all, our main objective is that of becoming a sustainable business venture and we will attain this objective by serving the needs of our customers.
Aside from our customers, in attaining our business objective, we will aim to also serve the needs of other categories of stakeholders, such as the business partners, the general public, the governmental and non governmental institutions, the community in which we operate and so on (Blackburn). In other words, we are committed to attaining our profitability objectives through the development and implementation of a sustainable and responsible business model.
The marketing objective In terms of the marketing objective, this generically revolves around the increase in the popularity of the company within the virtual community. At a more specific level, emphasis would be placed on promoting the company within the online community in order to raise awareness of its existence

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