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In the past recent years, market trends have changed tremendously. Today, people prefer more lavish and comfortable lifestyles and luxuries play a crucial role. This has given rise to many new industries and the older formats have taken new shapes. Another such rapidly growing industry is the matrimonial industry. Everyone -- from those in entertainment to décor (as wedding planners); beauty clinics, cosmetic giants, travel, and tourism; even matrimonial web sites and bureaus -- are making money out of marriage.

The Indian wedding market is currently estimated at Rs 70,000 crore. The matrimonial services saw a growth rate of 37% in India last year. This growth is not only because of the high society weddings, but even
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Shubham would represent itself through three types of positioning.
Firstly, through Attribute positioning where it would advertise itself to be a sister concern of a reputed publication house, HT Media, which has been into existence since last 100 years. This would build up a kind of trust as people can relate to Hindustan Times.
Secondly, through User positioning where Shubham would focus on the trust and reliability factor of its organization and would build a personalized and comfortable environment in all its centers.
Thirdly, it prefers to go through Quality or price positioning. This way Shubham would communicate its value for money benefit to consumers as it has a wide variety of packages on nominal charges.
In short,
For aspiring brides/grooms in the mid income and upper mid income segment Shubham is a one stop destination for matrimonial search that offers a complete range of services with a personalized touch and full privacy to its esteemed customers because Shubham believes that their customers’ trust in them is their power to work.
Shubham by-line would focus on the trust factor:
“Your trust in us is our power to work”.
Shubham’s pricing strategy would be based on the objective of market-penetration pricing as the wedding market is highly price sensitive and the final prices would be based on the Psychological pricing so
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