E Paging : A Small Research On The It Infrastructure Of Small Company

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Project on IT Solutions A small research on the IT infrastructure of small company in US 12-5-2015 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. Company Overview E-Paging is a small company hosted in fiscal and strategic partnership terms, and aligned with an existing consolidation of incorporated companies in the US. It was founded by a local citizen who had been previously under remote employment of the aforementioned US-based group of firms. In the US, these companies primarily provide managed IT services to healthcare industry, both hospitals and individual doctors. Some of the front-end names the company operates under are XPMUSA (Excellence in Practice Management, Inc.) and Prologix, Inc. These services include but are not limited to general EHR…show more content…
1.4. Products EPaging deals with customized IT and software solutions, Managed and diversified back office services, virtual administrative assistance to corporate clients, WEB & SEO. Some of the products of this company are: • Hire An Assistant (hireanassistant.com) • Microsoft platforms (SharePoint and Dynamics) development and deployment • Android Apps • Medical Billing and Coding • Hosted IP-PABX Solutions 1.5. Problems In a survey done, EPaging was found to be facing some IT issues and these are as follows. • The company uses an open-source CRM for this purpose. Although it can prove to be effective, but it’s not strictly followed • The company needs a database management system to handle it’s day to day project profits • For E Medical Bill generation and other activities that are routine work the company’s workers face great deal of trouble and it is time consuming doing it manually • Epaging needs its own mobile application to generate more orders in a day from regular clients as mobile applications are more user friendly than browsing a website from phone • The company outsources its content and graphics work to freelancers, because they do not require it regular basis. Too much funds are shelled out in small chunks and add up to a large figure 2. SOLUTIONS 2.1. ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) EPaging should develop an ERP in-house customized for the structure of the

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