E.R.P. Implementation Problems

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Enterprise Recourses Plan implementation issues • Introduction Implementation of an E.R.P. System is a huge complex process, because an E.R.P. combines or integrates the all processors in an organization in to a single operating entity and implementation process shouldn’t disturb the normal production process. R.Appuswamy , the Department of Engineering and Technology, Deakin University, Australia says, “Based on the implementation experiences of a few companies like Cable Systems International (Appleton et al.1997),Amoco Corp (Jesitus,1997) McKesscn Corp(Wilder,1998), BCAG, Ansett Australia the issues that confront ERP implementation are People, Business Process Reengineering, Data migration, Hardware and Network topology and…show more content…
• Poor Teem work E.R.P. implementation is not a one man show. From the beginning to end it requires number of skilled persons from deferent areas, like analyzing, designing, engineering, networking, communicating, programming, management, quality assuring, to testing. All above mentioned are IT specialists, but if the user involvement is poor then what will happen. • Project Progress Reviewing From the banging to end the project team should discuss there success and failures during pre defined time slots. • Change Management. Changing the existing working environment, after the introducing of new E.R.P. is very important process which should pay more attention, and do carefully. If the change didn’t happen properly, the new E.R.P. will fail and, the great danger is, existing production process will also fail. So there should be change management and user awareness should be improved on made changes. • User Training “Users need to become more computer literate. Many see this as personally challenging - even beyond their ability - and will not cope, or leave the company.” Poor user training make E.R.P. implementations to

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