E Reader Ad Critique

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Ad Critique The Niche: Find Your Own 11/23/2011 LibraTech I. Introduction Imagine being able to tap into a preexisting market consisting of over 100 million qualified buyer. As you begin to initiate your plan it will start off slowly, but as you continue doing the same routine it will keep growing, even without added labor. By integrating all of your channels together you can have a seamless hub of knowledge that people can learn from, inform others about, and of course buy your product. Most importantly this entire plan can be started for under $100, and will be minimal after that. LibraTech’s new eReader can compete with the best on the market. You know it, I know it, and all that is left is to get the consumer…show more content…
The easy method would be going with a descriptive name, letting the consumer know exactly what they are getting. This is an effective strategy when you have the first product released for the category, but seeing as there are over 10 competing brands, with the name eReader already coined, the possibilities are limited and you do not want to seem like the new brand that is trying too hard. What you need is something simple. Something unique. Something that can easily roll off the tongue, yet straightforward enough so people of all demographics can interpret the message. What you need is The Niche. Introducing LibraTech’s new eReader, The Niche. This familiar word will resonate with the consumers as it is a common word in the English vocabulary, but eloquent enough to draw attention to the product. It is a word with direct meaning to a small group or segment, which would be referring to the actual reader. With the right advertisement The Niche could become quickly known in the world of eReaders. With the right slogan you can capture an audience and compel them to find out more. Introducing LibraTech’s new eReader, The Niche: Find your own. By adding this double meaning slogan it compels the consumer to think more about it. Do they find their own personal niche, or go buy their own personal Niche? Both? Whatever conclusion they come to, they will be thinking about your product. The more brand awareness you can
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