E Readers And Its Effect On The Reading Style Of Reader

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E- Readers when first came it has changed the reading style of reader, where first we read books from own hands. After E-reader it helps a lot people for their convince of reading by stop were ever we need to the left on the books and press play to continue reading by pages before we need to put a divided or separate inside the book to remember this where we left at it. And also we can carry it around its weight less, where some books aren’t easy to carry around all time.
The report is about e-readers, we all now know what is e-readers are is an electronic device were we can read books online or offline it’s all depends on what type of e-readers we have.
Certainly there are so many e-readers are available in variety of
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And also I was able to develop my knowledge on referencing from cite, website. Why did choose to talk about amazon kindle rather than any other e-readers? Well my tutor gave option to choose from but most likely I thought it will easy to do.

Amazon.com was found by Jeff Bezos in July 5, 1994. Amazon originally called “Cadabra”. In 1995 Jeff Bezos Changed the “Cadabra” to amazon.com and also amazon site launched in 1995 after changes of name.
Amazon.com is one of the largest online selling companies based on United States and amazon.com headquarters in Seattle, Washington.
Amazon first starting to sell as online bookstore, but soon after amazon changed to sell all kind of stuffs like DVDs, VHS,CD, VIDEOS , MP3, software, videogames, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys and jewellery.
Amazon.com has site not only for United Stats. They also have retail online sites for other parts of country. Amazon has a lot of products and services, the list of products and services that I have come across so far.
List of Amazon products and services
• Amazon games
• Amazon art
• Amazon instant video
• Amazon prime
• Amazon computing service
• Amazon cloud services
• Amazon local
• Amazon wireless
• Amazon prime air
• Amazon phone
• Amazon kindle
• Amazon fire / HD
Well Amazon.com is a bigger company that as we know and can think of in online
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